Waterproof Concrete



The Cementaid International Group of Companies has been at the forefront of the development of advanced admixtures and surface treatments for concrete since 1954.

Cementaid's simple-to-use technical products enable concrete designers and users to maximise the performance, durability and profitability of their structures by giving their concrete enhanced properties and abilities.

Cementaid aims to support the construction industry by making projects faster, cheaper and better. Structures using Caltite as a concrete additive will remain maintenance-free for their full design life while significantly saving costs and time during the construction phase. Caltite dramatically improves concrete's waterproofing and durability properties such that waterproofing membranes are no longer required nor is there a requirement for corrosion inhibitors or other protective elements.

Time savings are realized by removal of the waterproofing component and the ability to backfill as soon as 7 days. Savings in the Critical Path translate to a reduction in ancillary services including Dewatering and Crane services. Naturally, these also translate into cost savings which effectively turn the waterproofing budget from the project cost into project earnings.



  • Prevention of Concrete absorption of Water & Moisture (Absorption less than 1% as per BS 1881-122)
  • Prevention of Chlorides & Sulphates penetration by 100%
  • Reduction on Volume of Permeable Voids VPV up to 30% as per ASTM C642
  • Reduction in Heat of Hydration by 18%
  • Increase of concrete tensile strength at initial setting time by 100% (reducing the possibility of Plastic-Shrinkage Cracks)
  • Increasing Structure Durability, contributing to Green Building Classification.


  • All Types of Waterproofing Membranes
  • Cathodic Protection (Electrical and Chemical)
  • Epoxy Coated Rebar
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
This is achieved by overcoming the one major deficiency responsible for all corrosion / deterioration and associated costs in modern concrete structures; that is, the natural tendency of all normal concrete to absorb & transmit water, dampness and contained salts or acids, which in turn causes all corrosion, deterioration and maintenance costs in concrete.

Unlike other “waterproofing admixtures”, Caltite is a unique, double-action Hydrophobic and Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI)™ not to be confused with exotic concrete blends (HRM, MicroSilica, Fly ash and GGBFS). Most importantly Cementaid has a proven track record of existing projects successfully executed using Caltite for over 60 years around the globe, including the UAE (Dubai Mall Aquarium and Dubai Marina Mall), Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, India, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (where it is a ’Standard’ specification for all marine environment concrete).

Using Everdure Caltite System, inclusive of our standard 20-year warranty guarantees direct and indirect savings in term of cost and time for the client as follows:

Direct Savings

  • All types of physical waterproofing systems
  • Shotcrete or guniting application mainly for the shoring system (secant and contiguous pile)
  • Protection board for vertical walls
  • Protection screed for horizontal floors
  • Epoxy grout for pile head treatment
  • GRP lining for water tanks
  • Solid block for I-Beam shoring system
  • Water stopper for construction joints
  • Waterproofing additives/chemicals