About Us


International Construction Supplies (“ICS”) is an Australian owned and operated company with over 20 years' experience manufacturing and supplying specialised construction products to both the Prestressed and Post Tension industry and the wider construction industry as a whole. With a core focus on structural engineering products and solutions, ICS is supported by an innovative research and development team that is backed up by a core group of manufacturing and field engineers.

In partnership with Cementaid International, ICS has recently expanded our range of products to supply concrete waterproofing and durability services using Cementaid’s unique Hydrophobic Pore-Blocking System (HPI). Cementaid has an international track record spanning over 60 years, established on the continuous successful supply and delivery of the HPI system for a wide range of projects from all construction sectors.

The construction industry places ever increasing demands on contractors to provide more efficient, durable and commercially viable solutions. ICS industry knowledge and experience ensures we recognise and meet these requirements by providing products and services in parallel with construction sector growth and development.

With five facilities strategically located across the globe in Australia, Bahrain, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, ICS annually supplies construction products and services to over 25 countries worldwide.

Key to ICS success in establishing a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the construction industry has been:

Product Knowledge & Quality Assurance

Over 2 decades of product knowledge and industry know how ensures ICS offer a high level service with all products having end to end traceability under the ICS QA/QC management system from fabrication to delivery . ICS ensure all products comply with project specifications and are accompanied with material specification and shop drawing documentation.

Production Capability

Large quantities of all products are stocked on location at all times.


In-house logistics expertise providing efficient and reliable delivery services to any location globally.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Due to unforeseen circumstances the construction industry demands minimised lead time for product supply. ICS have both the experience and resources to ensure all project delivery schedules are met.

Customer Service & After Sales Technical Support

With the construction industry at times demanding intensive approval procedures for structural products, ICS industry experience ensures reliable technical support during the entire approval and monitoring process including the after sales period.

International Construction Supplies Quality

ICS is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Management System for ‘Supply and Manufacturing of Post Tension Materials’ by a European certified accreditation body. All products are manufactured to the highest of quality and are accompanied with all relevant mill test certification and technical data with end to end traceability.
Cementaid SEA is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 for ‘Manufacture, Supply of Concrete Admixtures including specialized Waterproofing Systems and Surface Treatment’.

ICS Service Spectrum

ICS supplies Products & Services for the following:


  • Everdure Caltite Heavy Duty HPI (Hydrophobic and Pore Blocking Ingredient) concrete admixture
  • 3CC Hydrophobic concrete admixture
  • Swellable Bar and Paste
  • Formwork Sealing Strips and Plugs
  • Concrete Crack Repair Systems


  • Coupler - Threaded : Sizes 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm
  • Coupler - Crimpled : Sizes 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm


  • Anchor casting products & stressing blocks for mono & multi strand systems
  • Smooth flat galvanized duct : 43mm, 50mm, 70mm & 90mm
  • Round & flat corrugated duct in all sizes
  • Anti-corrosion epoxy coated bar chairs to BS & AS standard
  • PP Plastic clip on chairs for 3 & 5 strand duct
  • Mono & Multi-strand hydraulic jacks and stressing pumps
  • Single & twin bowl grout pumps with all accessories
  • 12.7mm & 15.2mm Post Tension strand
  • Staple Guns and staples
  • Jack wedges & stressing wedges, all sizes
  • Onion jack complete with wedges, 12.7mm & 15.2mm
  • Grout tube, grout vents, foam styrene, distressing bridges, extension nose and all post tension accessories
  • Strand packs, collapsible & solid
  • Equipment repair & servicing including hydraulic jack seal changes
  • Hydraulic jack calibration services


  • Pre-Insulated Ducts
  • Galvanized Steel Ducts
  • All Ductwork Accessories