About HVAC System


When it comes to the air quality and ventilation of commercial and residential buildings, air ducts are a crucial component. Maximizing the efficiency of your ductwork can improve the performance of your “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning” Systems (HVAC). As a result, you lower your environmental impact which in turn improves the bottom line for project stakeholders.

Air Condition Supplies (ACS), being a subsidiary of ICS, provide a full range of specialist HVAC products and services for the residential and commercial sectors including design, manufacturing/fabrication and on-site installation.

“Professional Ductwork Involves More Than Just Ducts”.

ACS understand the importance of energy-efficient HVAC systems. The design intent of all HVAC components is carried out with a core focus on optimized flow and reduced energy consumption, resulting in increased building efficiency and operational performance.

Our development is driven by a collaborative effort and strong leadership. Our diverse and experienced team of qualified design engineers and manufacturing/installation technicians ensure all project needs are met.

Products Range

ACS offer a full range of HVAC “Design, Manufacture & Installation” services to both the residential and commercial sectors for.

  • Pre-Insulated Ducts
  • Galvanized Steel Ducts
  • All Ductwork Accessories

Design Services

With a qualified team of MEP Engineers and draftsman, ACS offers a range of in-house design services. All design is executed in compliance to international standards, project specifications and local authority requirements.


With a core focus on simplicity, durability and high performance, ACS design services include a detailed layout for all project ductwork. Our extensive experience and technical know-how in fabrication and installation is taken into careful consideration in coordination with design layouts to ensure a practical and cost-effective HVAC design is carried out.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

ACS Ductwork fabrication is carried out using the latest “Computerised Numerical Control” (CNC) technology. The pre-programmed design and code control provides a fully automated process using detailed Plasma cutting technology to ensure the end product is manufactured to the exact design intent.

Our custom duct work fabrication covers many applications for HVAC systems to meet all project needs. We understand certain metals are ideal for specific applications, the most common are as follows.

Pre-Insulated Duct is a lightweight material free of (CFC) carbon, hydrogen and chlorine chemical properties. It achieves the highest firing rating while providing increased durability making it the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly option.

Galvanized Steel is the most popular material used to fabricate ducts due to the high durability and corrosion resistance provided by zinc coating.

Aluminium ducts are lightweight materials which offer significant benefits during installation.

Fiberglass duct panels are designed with built-in thermal insulation. providing sound-absorbing properties that produce a whisper-quiet HVAC system.

Installation Services

Installing a HVAC system is never a one-size-fits-all process. Selecting a qualified and experienced specialist to install the ductwork can increase the air conditioning unit’s life expectancy.

ACS have the technical expertise to provide complete customization for the installation of air conditioning ducts. Our qualified team of field technicians maintain a high level of workmanship while installing all ductworks in accordance with the approved design and project specifications.

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ACS operates an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management system.