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As ICS Design works with numerous clients and their various computer-aided design (CAD) standards, we have successfully developed a unique approach to matching client standards. We utilize highly customized AutoCAD software to efficiently assemble drawings and create geometry, symbols and annotation according to client and local authority standards. This results in consistent, high quality construction documents that look like they were produced in-house. The most important part of our approach is that after the initial client setup, we do not rely on an individual drafter knowledge to comply with project specifications.

Our Construction Shop Drawing and Drafting Services includes all the necessary details and standards to precisely describe your design intent for consultant, client and local authority approval as applicable. We work closely with your project team to support each stage of your project, all the way from design development to as-built drawings, technical drawings and final construction documents.

Benefits of using our Construction Shop Drawing and Drafting Services:

•      Skilled AutoCAD drawing team which is suitably qualified to do your job.
•      Complete knowledge of International Building codes.
•      Drawings are delivered in DXF, PDF or in any CAD format of your choice.
•      Drafting can comply with ACI, BS, AS, IS and Eurocode specifications requested by the client.
•      Advance CAD resources such as AutoCAD, Staad.Pro and Pro E  etc.
•      On time delivery of drawings using electronic media.
•      Reduced overhead for customers in house drafting resources.

Post Tension Shop Drawing

We can assist in a variety of construction projects including:

•      Residential buildings
•      Commercial establishments.
•      Industrial plants.
•      University and Government buildings.
•      Hospital and Medical buildings.
•      Single and multi-storey car parks.
•      Miscellaneous structures.

Contact ICS your specific project requirements to receive a free review and quotation.


Client and project confidentiality is assured by ICS, confidentiality agreements are provided as part of the ongoing service and in line with our customers’ requirements.


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