The policy of ICS is to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of its operation and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers in respect of all the services and products offered.

ICS has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Management System for “Supply and Manufacturing of Post Tension Materials” by a European certified accreditation body.

ICS aims to ensure that the needs of its customers are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of supply. ICS’s service is conducted to a high professional standard with technical and commercial integrity.

ICS is committed to effective Quality Management and will ensure it provide and maintain services to its customers where:

  • The quality policy is upheld and supported by management at all levels
  • staff responsibilities and duties are clearly identified
  • staff are appropriately trained to enable them to undertake their tasks and given appropriate authority within the scope of their responsibilities
  • sufficient resources are provided to facilitate
  • quality plans are applied in the management of all projects
  • all appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and archived;
  • Periodic audits, reviews of staff and project work reports are carried out to identify improvements.

All materials are manufactured in a controlled environment under the ICS Quality System. Procedures and hold points are set in place to minimize the risk of failure when manufacturing products. Regular training is provided to operatives to ensure safety and quality. As a final check Quality Control Management Personnel carry out final inspections before dispatch to ensure only high quality products are provided to customers.

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